Mr.Market Moody: New Ideas

(Oct. 6, 2018, Pt. 4: Ideas To Look At)

Now that you have hopefully reviewed, studied and taken notes from the earlier updates on STOPPED OUT IDEAS, LAGGARDS, and the TOP 20 leaders, then you can look at ideas which may or may not have a bright future in 2019. As always, first the “bad news”, the SELLS / AVOIDS.

Mr. Market Moody: Stopped Out Ideas Update

Mr. Market Moody: Laggards Update

Mr. Market Moody: Top 20 Leaders Update


And now for the more “fun” list, some newer, comparatively younger LONG ideas.

Very promising future TOP 20 LONG candidates may be emerging, the kind that may rack up 100+% simple returns, over a period of many weeks. Not the kind of returns in 2017 crypto or 2009 - 2019 Unicorn VC but not bad for old school stock speculation.