Mr. Market Moody: Top 20 Bets

(Oct. 6, 2018, Pt. 3: Top 20 LONGS, SELLS update)

This week’s TOP 20 Leaderboard for both LONGS and SELLS are reported below, and it’s clear that by the end of the final quarter of this year, the oft-mentioned rotation will have shoved aside the final traces of leadership which emerged over Q2/Q3 2018. Some have said this kind of approach to the market can be as exciting as watching paint dry but I doubt one would feel that way if having coming back to a room that was painted in white and green hues a year ago, to see it “all of a sudden” grey and red. Mr. Market is never done with his painting.

Hopefully, you have had time to review the most recent LAGGARDS report update first, for preliminary ideas and also an additional read on Mr. Market’s moods.

Let’s begin with the TOP 20 SELL / AVOID list, look at the charts and then move on to the TOP 20 LONGS and charts.


Now that we’re done reviewing 20 slow-falling knives, let’s move on to something more cheery, the Top 20 LONG ideas list.


      Be mindful, techno-traders, about red candles. I’m sanguine about them given how long some of these ideas have run but for some with shorter or more reactive systems and perspectives, then one should be careful.

And now onto the final installment of this week’s update, “new ideas”.