Mr.Market's Moody: Laggard

(Oct.6, 2018, Pt. 2: LAGGARDS Reports Update)

Hopefully you have had time to review the latest STOPPED OUT IDEAS update.

This is an update of under-performing ideas which are in the “red” and are still on Rooster360’s master ideas universe but haven’t triggered a suggested stop loss/exit price. Here are ideas which are the “fence”, they didn’t run out the gate and become leaders so far. And they also haven’t as yet hit their suggested stop loss exit prices. This represents both an early warning alert list as well as “shopping list”, depending on the price action and a reader’s specific investment priorities and systems. In this case, based on my biases, RL (Ralph Lauren), may yet be a viable potential long candidate. It wasn’t so long ago that LIT (the Lithium battery ETF) was a hot contender but the trend has lost its charge.

And now for the “SELL” / avoid ideas, which may eventually continue declining or become candidates for future LONG positions in the future. That is not meant to be wishy-washy with “it’s either this or that” but in truth nothing is certain or fixed when it comes to relatively short-term active investment activity. I don’t just mean day-trading but also trading with weekly prices over multiple months. Anything can happen. Going back to my biases, I “see” perhaps PCRX and KMT as viable potential candidates as “LONGS” in Q2 2019 or so - why do I talk about something that might be possible in 2 or more quarters? My sense is that things take time to unfold and since we’re focused on price following, we would need past price history of KMT’s declines to be “washed out” by progressive higher lows and highs. For all I know this idea will continue to decline. Same with PCRX.


And please feel free now to move on to the TOP 20 LEADERBOARD update.