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Mid-January 2021 weekly update

Welcome to this week’s update of the deep but fast trend trading notes which was pushed live these last few weeks. As usually, please feel free to include them in your workflows with caution - these are provided to encourage independent thinking.

Again the omnibus list of all ideas has been updated.

The new ideas sublist has a link of its own but they could all easily be stopped out at any time.

This may be my last update for awhile, I’m just not sure. I will explain to those who care in the personal notes at the end. There is ample info here in any event.

Take your time to immerse yourself in these resources. There are hundreds of updates but I have narrowed a lot of the commentary to just a handful of charts. It’s all there.

This week’s observation is the rise of fintech.
It’s still an everything market but this week fintech took center stage.

Fintech is a broad category covering a wide range of assets, products and markets.
I see trades in crypto assets and collectibles absorbing some of the market’s animal spirits. Some traders are doing well in assets like sports cards. Those are the new “sneakers”. The “DeFi” meme in crypto and fractionalization is spreading. Traditional brokerages and exchanges are being eaten by new protocols and applications. By 2030, the largest companies by market cap will be so very different than 2020’s giants.

Take your time to review these notes over the past few weeks, especially the media pages, it’s all there, every major secular market trend has just about been covered.


I’ve lost my father.

I have been busy with preparations.

I have joined a writers’ group in part to help manage my thoughts about it all.

This is how my life was for the past 14+ months, the tail end of some hard years.In November 2019, Dad fell ill, when we trying to treat him for something he recovered from in 2017 and 2018. He had been progressively getting weaker for years but we didn’t realize what was happening. I helped my mom care for a dad every day since mid-Nov. 2019. His mind wasn’t the same in 14 months. He went to the hospital last September but made it back home. After the EMT call on Dec. 14, things went wrong.

After keeping Dad safe from Covid for the past year, he gets it in the hospital, right after an inoperable infection was temporarily staved off by antibiotics. Mom only saw Dad twice - right after he was admitted to the hospital, and then on his last day on Earth, in the hospice last week. A hard month during a horrible 14 months, overlapping with a horrific year in the world outside dad’s window.

I have much to answer for when my time comes but I hope Dad will be forgiving of my short-comings and failings. I tried my best.

During these past weeks, I created these trading tools to help me see what trends are there. I may do something with them and build on them, I may move on. We’ll see. Dad was my first teacher about the markets, in addition to life. He was wise and patient.

Here are my thoughts. This first one is for Dad. Hug your loved ones, don’t take them for granted, don’t take time itself for granted.

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