A 200 Week SMA View

A few 200 Week SMA stockcharts to see prices as of last week

This is a view of various stock charts with a 200 Week SMA view. This post will be updated with more charts. Which charts after what may have been a near-term “bottom” (I hate that phrase) from last week (Wednesday March 18, 2020, 2:30 PM), were absolutely broken in terms of the 200 week sma? Which “held”? (These observations are arbitrary - the market has been reset - and caution is warranted.)

If more is coming, it’s nothing to be upset about. I have orders set at 5 to 10 tens trailing earnings for a list of ideas whose earnings outlooks have been reset to 0. If the bottom has been set, the prices are not unreasonable for a slow, chastened economy.

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