Mr. Market's Measuring: New Ideas

(Oct. 2018 prep. notes, Pt. 4: NEW IDEAS)

And now for some charts, no promises about their prospects, of ideas from Rooster360’s 1000+ idea coverage universe. But first, review the following notes.

You already have the Top 20 List

You have the LAGGARDS list

And you have the STOPPED OUT ideas list to begin with

Consider the following potential LONG charts for your notes. After this, please review another lineup of potential “SELL / AVOID” charts.

       And now for a kind of “heads up” list (or is that keep your head down?) of potential SELLs or AVOIDs for you to be wary of. This is just a list to supplement your own review. From my point of view, they could turn into 1 of 2 things, either a SELL to short or be wary of, or a potential idea to buy in 2019 by Q2/Q3 2019.