Mr. Market's Measuring: Laggards

(Oct. 2018 prep. notes, Pt. 2: LAGGARDS update)

And now for the laggards as of this week. They’re still in the running but not yet stopped out, they are longs which are looking glum, headed lower but they haven’t triggered suggested stop loss exit prices. This week’s LAGGARDS weekly update hint at trouble for some of retail if the tickers in this update have anything to say.

The LAGGARDS could end up as STOPPED OUT ideas, like this weekend's update

A good run for many a retailer but not all will keep going on and on like Amazon.

       And now for the SELL/AVOID charts which may in fact be poised for a pause or transformation into LONGS in 2019. Keep an eye out.

    And now onto the TOP 20 update this weekend