Mr. Market's Legends of the Fall, Pt.4

(SEPT. 21, 2018, Pt. 4: Top 10 NEW IDEAS for consideration)

And now for some ideas for your review. They look like they have potential as longs and sell but anything can happen and inside of one trading session, weeks or even months of progress could evaporate. Be WARNED. There are no holy grails.

Interesting SELL / AVOID charts.

Again I say, be warned. If all you have to go on are just some ideas you randomly found or because someone else shared them, you are in trouble. Have your process in place first. Focus on process and rules first. Ideas in speculation, like in startups and in business, are aplenty. Execution is everything.


and now for the LONG charts. BE forewarned once more Focus on rules and risk management. These charts could all go up in smoke just like that.

        I am always worried by questions like “so what’s your price target?” or “what would you do?”, or “what are in trading?”, as if those answers, if they existed, meant anything to your portfolio, your capital, your very life. I am always encouraged by process and self-awareness related discussions. Those are subjects worthier of discussion. In any event, here is the “simple” part, some charts and ideas, out of a system monitoring 100 times as many, for your review. Have a great week ahead!

The Top 20 list this week includes some great trends.

The STOPPED OUT ideas are few in number but a good lesson in the primacy of process over the impermanence of “ideas”.

The LAGGARDS reports are good potential watch and shop lists.