Mr. Market's Legends of The Fall, Pt. 3

(SEPT. 21, 2018, Pt. 3: TOP 20 LONGS' and Top 20 SELLS' WINNERS)

This week’s Top 20 lineup keeps demonstrating that even with weekly prices and longer time frames approaching months or even years, that change can still happen quickly. These lists were so different in the spring as Q1 morphed into Q2 2018.

Let’s jump into the charts. The TOP 20 SELLS are presented first, along with charts.

               And now for the TOP 20 LONG leaderboard. Funny how Apple is at the bottom of the list. In reality it is probably at the top of most people’s lists in every sense of it.

              Week after week, month after month prices keep moving forward in some ideas.

Next and last up, Part 4, covers some potential “new” (or newish) ideas.