Mr.Market's Weekly Winners & Losers

September 16, 2018 Update (Part 1: STOPPED OUT IDEAS)

This will be a multi-part update, beginning with the STOPPED out ideas.

The next installment will include the LAGGARD ideas - ideas which are under-performing with a negative simple return from their price of their initial weekly closing price.

The final installment will focus on Top 20 LONGS and SHORT before moving onto additional potential ideas.

Let’s cover this week’s charts which hit Rooster360’s suggested stop loss exits.

A small collection of charts which failed. Let’s hop to relevant charts.

       Sometimes comes abruptly. Take a look at the chart above for USAT. This was doing well until it wasn’t. This kind of thing happens and for active price following speculation, some kind of protection in trade sizing is always in order. Today’s messiah is tomorrow’s pariah.