Mr. Market's Top 20 Weekly Update

(SEPTEMBER 14, 2018, Part 3: TOP 20 Update LONGS and SELLS)

And now for this week’s update on LONGS and SELLS.


And now for the TOP 20 SELLS / AVOIDS

               BOTH LONGS and SELLS (AVOIDS/SHORTS) have one thing in common they both require patience and price action which is not volatile enough to reverse briefly against the potential trend direction and hit a suggested stop loss exit price. This is not elegant but if you reduce much of speculation and directional trades, that’s all that is really going on. I do not include more insider/activist and transactional/event-driven investing. This is very basic speculation at work.

And some charts of interest, chosen from recent weeks. I dont know what will become of them, which is consistent with my reluctant predictor attitude but so far a few of them have done very well and may continue to do so. Feel free to review them against your own system but I dont know if they keep running or will be stopped cold.