Mr. Market's Legends of the Fall, Pt. 2

(SEPT. 21, 2018 Update, Pt. 2: LAGGARDS report update)

And now for the near-also rans which are still on the Rooster360 Master Ideas Universe. They are underpeforming but not yet stopped out. They may yet prove themselves winners and members of the Top 20 leaderboard someday, we’ll see.

The LAGGARDS report has been edited down to a “TOP 10” style list. They may prove to be ideas to stay away from or be wary of. I suspect they’ll make for potentially interesting shopping lists for others. I personally think that depending on the price action, we are presented with potentially attractive ideas on a “risk/reward” entry basis for an idea’s suggested trend direction. (My cognitive bias includes “trend lines”, and you’ll see what I mean by reviewing this week’s charts below. That said it’s still all about trade sizing. All my market “pain” comes in trade sizing. NO YOLO here.)

And now for the charts of the LAGGARD reports, LONGS first and then SELLS.

       And now for the SELL charts