Mr. Market's Legends Of The Fall, Pt.1

(September 21, 2018 weekly update, Pt.1: STOPPED OUT IDEAS)

Today is the final official day of summer for 2018. What has been a long strange season is almost over. I look forward to a more temperate time of year. The past few weeks Mr. Market’s animal spirit husbandry has shifted at the extremes from crypto to cannabis. The money continues to be raised, and the work done in all quarters however. The Devs and the builders, remain indoors, hard at work as they keep building regardless of what the speculative gunslingers are doing outside under what has been a blazing hot high noon.

Let’s begin with what took one hit too many and has had to be carted away, the STOPPED out weekly update and then go from there to the LAGGARDS report.

and then the STOPPED charts, first the LONG charts which have hit their stops exits.

       And now for the sells which hit their stops

         You are welcome to consider selling or shorting the LONGS which have failed here. I would simply avoid them. As for the “SELLs” which have hit their stops, you may well put them on watch lists for future LONGS. I know I might do that but my core system will “tell” me or more rather give hints to me of what might be possible. Certainty is the salesman’s game, not mine.

The next post will be the LAGGARDS report. This new format of breaking up each post makes life easier for the reader and I don’t mind at all.