Mr. Market Returns To Work (& New Ideas)

(SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 Update)

And just like that, summer takes its leave as market doldrums begin to be displaced by an increase in activity as traders prepare for the final quarter of 2018.

Let’s start first with the STOPPED notes and charts to see what has exited Rooster360’s master ideas universe. Then we’ll move on to Laggards, long and short, and close out with the Top 20 ideas and a new feature, suggested trading ideas.

The best performing stopped out ideas this week include SSNC and GOOGL. “FANG” has lost of its teeth this week.

GOOGL Alphabet Inc. weekly Stock ChartThe following STOPPED OUT charts include the following tickers.

              For your consideration are some of the TOP LONG LAGGARDS for your shopping or early warning alerts lists. You’re either shopping, standing pat or watching for the exits.

              And now for the TOP SELL/AVOID Laggards, again for your review as potential new longs eventually, or for a second bite at the apple before moving along and exiting. They are SELL, SHORT or AVOID ideas which have failed as such. Short sellers may have eyes on the exit or at the ready for closing out. My favorite use of this list is as a tell for potential new emerging trend. The US Dollar Index ETF has been an underperforming sell for some time and it was part of a larger price following process for finding USD pair shorts.

                  Interesting how the “Utes”, utilities, as signaled by the XLU ETF is underperforming as a “SELL” idea. This is interesting and something to be mindful of.

Let’s move on to the TOP 20 LONGS and TOP 20 SELLS Leader-board.

             And now for the TOP SELLS as of this week.

Week after week, these TOP 20 SELLS continue to win at dropping at price.

               And now for a new feature. IDEAS for your consideration, presented in alphabetical order. NOT all ideas but just a few for you to review. Remember, we follow price, and employ stop loss risk price targets. We do not employ or share price targets. There are better practitioners who are adept at pitting the Ace at 1000 paces but that is not my focus or forte.

First the LONGS, which are under-performing but may still prove themselves. NO PROMISES. I keep hammering away at regular readers, experienced and new to markets and investing, to have some kind of risk management process underway.

               And now for a TOP 20 UNDERPERFORMING SELLS/AVOIDS/SHORTS. They may still “prove” themselves as ideas to avoid.

               In future updates, I will also offer suggested risk sizing and stop loss price points.

For now, I hope there are enough charts for your review. Remember these are all weekly prices for longer time frames, from 3+ months to more. Investment risk sizing and having preplanned stop loss exit prices are a way to help manage risk and to equalize the risk of all ideas. More process is the key.