Market Finding Its Legs Again

A Shaky Market May Be Ready For New Highs in 2020

The market’s “on pause” may be ending in coming weeks. It’s possible new highs announcements in the public equity markets will be unfolding in 2020. Let’s begin simply with top down views of the indices and then go through the various Rooster360 reports. What are we watching for as the year rolls into 2020? New highs.

There are many more indices — globally — to watch.

A look at some negative yield sovereigns, Germany, Russia and the U.K.

High Yield Emerging Markets Corporate - what happens in the next 18 months?

Let’s get to Stocks - here it the Top 20 leader-board - what a change from Q2 into Q3.

Charts of 5 from the Top 20 that did best over the last 30 days.

The Top 20 Sells - when the market says “stay down” some trends do just that.

What got stopped? Ebay and Twitter were stopped. Progressive used to a be a Top 20 long ago for a long period of time but it’s a good reminder that trends do change.

Just the Progressive chart is shared from the stopped out long list.

Here is a selection of charts for you to review. I try to slice and dice through the ideas universe to share some ideas which you can run through your systems. These are filtered by time — they were added to the ideas universe just a few weeks ago.

Public markets are getting interesting — this was not expected and it’s good — we will see how much of the past year’s noise cycle turned out to be useful news or not. For now, I would caution about one thing however. Volumes look fairly lighter.