Late Languid Summer Market

Weekly Update For 3d Week of August 2019

The updates hint that for “not all clear” for LONGS for trend following.

The Top Down Summary reflects a shift, for this week, towards the SELLS

The aggregate gains for Rooster360’s total ideas universe are still moving up, but it's coming from the SELL ideas gaining from 104K to 132K, with the number of ideas down by 1, barely moving down from 310 ideas to 309 ideas.

The LONG ideas are still holding their gains from 179K+ to 180K+, basically flat, down with 19 ideas stopped out, down to 335 ideas. STOPS were hit for 19 LONG ideas (including $CSCO $AMZN and ETFs like $EWZ and $XLY ).

This Top Down summary from this and the prior week are shared below.

The charts which hit their estimated stop loss exit prices include some big names. Here are their charts, from ACM, AMZN to XLY and ZIXI.

And which ideas have hit their stops again? Here is a chart version with losses.

As we see from the above shared grey toned STOPPED OUT IDEAS chart, a wide range of names were stopped out, including Amazon, Cisco, Monster, Petrobras, Citigroup and BHP Billiton.

SOME ideas to ponder

The Rooster360 "TOP 20" LONGS and Top 20 SELLS

Most of these Top 20 ideas have been strong since March - May when they were first added to the Rooster360 Trend Trading list. It might seem slow to those eager for “new” ideas but I am doing my best to follow and keep following what works.

Trading following watching with weekly prices and weekly averages reduces the stress, noise and wasted effort from the gyrations of short-term daily volatility.

TOP 4 LONGS as of this week: ENPH SHOP RUBI SHAK

TOP 4 SELLS as of this week: ACOR UNT MNK GME

These reports get repetitive but hopefully they can encourage you to lower stress levels and anxiety, instead of riding a 24/7 roller-coaster of emotions.

The key is to find a way that you can actually consistently constantly practice day in day out for years. There is no one way to do this. It doesn’t have to be trend-trading.

The Top 20 LONGS are as follows.

The TOP 20 SELLS is a less glamorous list but helpful in its own way. Beware.

Let’s consider other ideas too. I call these the “NEXT 20” LONGS and SELLS. I chose a simple filter of ideas that are still running with a 10+% gain since they were added.

The Next 20 SELLS are shared below. Be on the lookout and beware them as well.

I won’t be commenting on odds of recession. I have shared with you bond charts, gold charts, the eurodollar and various global stock indices. Regular readers have been braced by prices doing the talking, not talking heads playing with reasons for prices. Let’s just focusing on trying our best to follow the strongest ideas and potential new leaders, and trim sizes and positions to keep trouble to a minimum.

There will be an interruption in posts for the remainder of the summer. Back soon.