Hard Examination of The Past Quarter

Update as the market begins Q4 2019

Well we made it, it’s time for Q4 2019. Time goes by fast. It’s remarkable how each quarter of the last year or so were distinct in price action and sentiment. At the moment the price action as I understand it has hit the brakes.

There are lot of notes in this post: Top 20 LONG, Top 20 SELL, Potential Longs to fade, Potentials Sells to fade, and the worst longs and worst sells that could reverse trend for 2020.

For those of you who only check the emailed, I have been writing each week but refrained from emailing these updates for a variety of reasons. There’s sometimes no need to even fill your inbox once a week. The other reason is that the size limit for some posts, thanks to all the charts, breaks the send and I don’t want to blow up your smart devices.

Here are the 4 LONGS which hit their most recent stop loss exits. Nothing is forever.

The Top 20 LONG has changed a lot from the beginning of the quarter. I have written that it happens constantly but just on very long time frames. So many hot names gone.
Here is the updated Koyfin list link for the Top 20 Trend Trading Long List.

A few Plain charts based on the last month showing the shift in leadership.

The Top 20 SELL list doesn’t change as much but when it’s worth tracking. These are the falling knives of the trend following and macro world. Not worth fading. The Koyfin SELL list link has also been updated for your notes. I’ve also included estimated risk per share for each idea and the current stop loss exit price for “shorts”.

Next is a list for the potential longs and sells are worth your consideration.

Potential long ideas first that could continue to run as longs.

The potential sell ideas at this moment which could continue to fall. Beware bounces.

And the worst longs which investors may accumulate and traders to sell eventually.

The worst sells which could become buys in 2020 or stop-loss exits for short trades.

The charts hint at a rollover, not a decline but it still won’t be “fun”.

A common China ETF. News or noise, the trend was in place ages ago.

Look at the staircase of treasury bonds. Maddening in their relentlessness.

The US Dollar Index, moving higher in its manic fashion (well manic for forex).