Mr. Market's Summer Holiday

(Beginning of Sept 2018 Winner's & Losers Update)

A quick Labor Day Summer Weekend update of Rooster360’s in-house trend following list. Almost every weekend this “master ideas universe” will be updated to track the progress and status of hundreds of LONG and SHORT/AVOID equity ideas. There will typically be weekly updates for the following: STOPPED ideas and a Top 20 leaderboard.

The STOPPED out report will report on ideas which have hit a suggested initial or trailing stop loss price. The focus of this report is to highlight which ideas have failed to progress in potential trend direction (“LONG” a/k/a up, or “SHORT”/avoid a/k/a sell). Each idea added to Rooster360's ideas universe comes with a suggested initial stop loss price, a price where theoretically if the idea was traded, that it would be closed out for a potential but pre-estimated loss or trailing exit price.

Lastly, a “Top 20” leaderboard is as the name suggests. These are the Best 20 performing ideas, LONG and SHORT, as of this week. All returns are calculated with closing weekly prices in the interest of simplification. Let’s begin with the STOPPED out ideas report and relevant stock charts. The STOPPED out charts include the following details. $ARWR had a stellar run since the beginning of Q1 2018.

    The STOPPED out charts including the following ideas:


   Moving on to the LAGGARDS, this week’s update includes the following the LONG charts which are under-performing. It’s a shopping list for some, a “red alert” list for trend followers with longer time frames and a watching list for others looking for more attractive entry points on a risk-reward basis. These ideas may or may not hit suggested stop loss exit prices. They may disappear from the master ideas universe or they may somehow survive and become Top 20 leading ideas. Anything can happen.                                   And now the Top 20 leaderboard lists, which highlight the most powerful ideas from the master ideas universe. Here are the Top 20 LONGS and Top 20 SELLS/avoids. Every idea in the upper half of the Top 20 LONGS, i.e. the “Top 10” are pulling in 100+% simple returns since their addition to the list. As you can see it requires a bit of “patience” for active investors to see the potential gains of some of these charts.

              A humbling reminder about falling knives: Rooster360’s Top 20 SELL/AVOIDS.

               As time progresses, I will be able to add more details to this weekly update, with continued adaptation to the Substack platform. Hopefully this will be a mobile and scroll friendly presentation for those who just need ideas to look at.